Our activity is related to steel machining and manufacturing of components, semi-finished products and complete steel structures.

The company has been growing since 1985 and maintains its position as market leader on the market of comprehensive steel machining. Our qualified staff includes over 50 employees who are ready for action 24/7. The machine stock at our disposal enables us to complete nearly all operations related to steel machining. We respond to a few hundred orders per month.

Our broad customer database representing various industries provided us with wide order diversity. We complete orders involving electric lamp component manufacturing, interior finishing elements, and ventilation system components. DWe provide semi-finished products but also offer complete production and assembly lines. Machine and equipment parts are also included in our portfolio of products. Last but not least, we completedemanding and complex contracts dregarding the offshore, automotive and defense industry.

If something can be done using steel – we can do it.

Our philosophy is a quick response to customer needs, whether in terms of the preparation of the offer, service or delivery of the final product.